Reaching 500K Impressions For a Personal Care Brand Through Organic Content

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Client Background

Four months ago, our Social Media Consultant started working with an international skincare and health supplement retailer. The company, which specialises in selling aloe vera-based drinks and bee-derived cosmetics, wanted to improve the quality of its social posts, increase engagement and build its following.

The Problem

The client had already established a social media presence for its brand, but it was struggling to maintain a consistent level of engagement with its followers.

Therefore, they were looking for a consultant that could provide engaging visuals across all social media platforms, while also driving ROI on their marketing budget by creating engaging posts that would reach customers directly.

In our initial audit, we also noticed a lack of consistent brand identity across multiple channels.
However, despite all this, we quickly came up with a solution which would cater to their needs and achieve great results in a short period of time.

Our Solution

Firstly, we identified the best-performing content with the highest engagement rate and introduced new types of content, including reels and motion graphics, which increased the overall engagement.

The new creative direction aimed to create a dialogue with users, spark conversations and build interactions. Posting consistently and limiting the number of filler posts were among our tactics to improve the overall user experience and the profile’s perceived value.

We also introduced live streaming content during their live events, leveraging buzz-creating topics such as Q&A sessions and product launches to drive engagement and keep the audience interested.

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Within the first two months, we have achieved a 42.9% increase in impressions, a 146% increase in overall engagement and a 526% increase in link clicks.

Regarding the overall audience growth, we delivered almost a 30% increase in net growth across different social channels.

Additionally, since adding customer service to our social strategy, we have seen a 47% increase in the number of messages received by our audience, indicating a more engaged audience. The number of impressions also increased, reaching more than half a million total impressions during the reporting period.

 We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results to all of our clients, which we achieve by dedicating a considerable amount of time to each project. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, which most agencies rely on, but in delivering a bespoke service tailored to each company’s needs.

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