Facebook Ads for a consumer credit company

Client Background

Street UK has over 20 years of local experience in the West Midlands and operated as a brick-and-mortar financial retailer before embarking on the process of moving the bulk of its operations online. In another case study, we covered the marketing strategy that was designed for this project.

The Project

Facebook and its affiliated applications remain a key channel for both organic and paid ad opportunities. Taking into account the target demographic, we can select the best combination of ad placements within Facebook’s media offering to maximise the client’s return. Based on Street UK’s target audience’s demographics and segmentation data, we decided to focus predominantly on Facebook itself. 

As we started with a clean slate, we decided to kick off with three different types of campaigns:As we started with a clean slate, we decided to kick off with three different types of campaigns:

  1. A brand awareness campaign to educate our target audience 
  2. A campaign to drive conversion action 
  3. A campaign specifically for re-marketing, to bring back organic and paid users who bounced from the website without any specific action

As part of our campaigns, we partnered with an animation studio in London to design a series of creative media to be used on both Facebook and the client’s website.

The educational campaign was designed to generate brand awareness by addressing our audience’s main daily concerns regarding finances and budgeting. Through providing value to potential clients, they learned more about the company, which in turn increased the impact of the other two campaigns.


The results exceeded our expectations by a very large margin. We achieved a cost per lead that was three times lower than what we anticipated, and website visitors increased by 70% year on year. We also saw a healthy increase in the conversion rate and the average number of pages visited per session. The educational campaign also brought more engaged visitors to the website, leading to an increased quality of leads.

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