How we improved Street UK's Marketing Campaigns

Key Stats

+109% in number of leads

Facebook CPA of £2.4

80K Monthly Impressions

£90K Yearly Budget Managed

Client Background

With over 20 years of local experience, Street UK was a brick-and-mortar consumer credit company before embarking on the process of moving most of its operations online. Such an ambitious project needed various levels of planning and flawless implementation to achieve this goal. However, limited budget in conjunction with weak digital presence were putting this plan at risk. In this case study, we’ll review how we created a master plan for Street UK, paving the way for its exponential growth over the next three years. Our client offers financial products to targeted demographics in the West Midlands area, with ambitions to go national.

The problem

Street UK was dealing with a low number of enquiries for a long period of time before assigning us the task of trying to turn this around. The primary objective was to replenish a depleted funnel of prospects and leads, with our goal being to increase the number of new customers within the first six months. The lack of proper marketing infrastructure was our biggest obstacle, and as well as this, the marketing budget was limited which prompted us to be more resourceful and creative with the available funds. While they had some traditional mediums in place to generate leads, it wasn’t nearly enough, especially regarding digital mediums. Top of the funnel lead generation campaigns are critical for building a sustainable flow of sign-ups and appointments.

Our Solution

‘Knowing your customer’ is the most important, yet least understood, part of a marketing strategy. Through understanding this, you can better communicate with potential clients, using the right message at the right time. This not only attracts more customers to your business, but such customers are also acquired at a lower cost.

Therefore, we started by partnering up with Experian Marketing Intelligence to gather valuable data and create a customer profile. The report gave us a clear understanding of the various types of personas that Street UK was serving, and other relevant information such as their geolocation, preferred traditional and digital mediums, and even the types of news websites they follow the most. 

Once we figured out the personas to target and the channels we should advertise on, we had to answer the questions of how were we going to differentiate our client from the rest of the competition, and why consumers should go out of their way to change their financial provider.

We conducted a series of interviews with all stakeholders, from the CEO and board, to the administration and customer service departments, to understand the unique characteristics of Street UK’s service and what made them attractive to its current and potential clientele.


We gathered the lessons we learned about the industry, customers, and Street UK’s strengths and weaknesses, and created a marketing strategy for our client. The strategy consisted of a variety of different marketing approaches, including:

  • Outdoor Displays
  • Radio
  • Google ads
  • Facebook Ads (Meta ads)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Lead Referral Partnership Agreements
  • Direct Mail
Image on the left shows overal channel acquisition improvement while the right image shows conversion rate improvement in 2021 vs 2020

Within the first three months of running these new campaigns, we achieved a great return on investment that exceeded the client’s expectations. Some of our results included:

  • Increased lead generation through website appointment bookings 
  • Higher brand recognition and net promoter score (NPT) 
  • SEO ratings of top branded and non-branded keywords improved from being in the top 15 to the top 3 
  • Implementing a smooth and efficient mobile-optimised application form, which improved onboarding of new clientsSearch Engine Optimisation

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