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Who we are

Republic Marketing is a Digital Agency based in Birmingham. We’re an enthusiastic and positive group of digital marketing professionals with a passion for Marketing. But isn’t that’s what you have seen or heard everywhere else? Well, we aren’t different in that regard, many agencies have a passion for what they do and perhaps that’s why they are who they are. What sets us apart is our methodology. Although we do separate services like PPC, Social Media, and Marketing Strategy, We aim to give clients a comprehensive and holistic service that encompasses all aspects of Digital Marketing (and some aspect of traditional one). We are not just digital marketers we pride ourselves on taking account of the bigger picture and taking our time to understand your goals and aspirations. 

Why Work With Us?

Our Background

We have experience in running multi-channel campaigns for various industries, sometimes even on different continents! Our team is comprised of Social Media Specialist, Web Designers and PPC experts. If you running or working for a SME (Small to Medium Size Businesses), then we are the right team for you. Since we've also been working for such companies, you can be sure that we know what you are looking for in an agency, and that we're be ready to provide that for you.

Client Focused

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we approach each and every project in a unique manner.


We want to deliver value especially for small to medium-sized businesses. This allows your budget to go even further by working with us.

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