Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective way to communicate with your existing customers. Through Marketing Automation, you can automate many tedious manual tasks and nurture your customers and leads with fewer resources. As an Email Marketing Agency in Birmingham, our experts can assist you with every aspect of your email marketing strategy. We can use and recommend the best platforms for your business and industry so let’s have a chat!

Is Email Marketing still relevant

Even before GDPR rules, cold emails weren’t offering a high payoff. However, with the help of our experts, your email marketing strategy will be so much more than a piece of content getting lost in the inboxes of your customers. A simple welcome package email can have a substantial effect on your brand perception and subsequently on the revenue. We’ll design email sequences that resonate with your customers and perform great against established benchmarks.

tracking & automation features

These features will not only allow you to save a significant amount of time but will also provide useful insights to each and every email you send out. An example of this automation feature is that you can easily engage with new customers via an automatic welcome email.

How we can add value

To find out which subject line works best or which call-to-action generates the most amount of clicks, we’ll test and optimise your campaigns throughout the length of the contract and provide you with a comprehensive report designed to track the campaign’s performance. We can also help you craft a powerful marketing message which will be sent at the right time using the most suitable email marketing services.

What Will You Get?

Engaging Subject Lines

Quality Content Ideas

Content Optimisation

Monthly Reporting

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