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Why Instagram

Instagram is a well established social media platform with over a billion active accounts and there are no signs of it’s showing down.  60% of its user base log-in daily. Its’ engagement rates have gone higher than of Facebook especially among younger consumers such as millennials. Republic Marketing is a top Instagram Advertising Agency in Birmingham that can help you take advantage of this solid user base.  

Did you know

31% of shoppers use Instagram to browse for their next purchase

Instagram Advertising

Instagram Ads

Advertising on Instagram can raise awareness, enhance customer base, and provide you with a unique opportunity to increase your reach through creative posts and stories that can be shared by users themselves, reduce ad budget and increase your reach. With all that has been said, Instagram has infinite potential in your business growth especially in a post-pandemic world where many traditional channels are not suitable anymore.

Stats from IG ads

  • 50% of Instagrammers follow at least one business page
  • 60% of people learn about a product or service on Instagram
  • 75% take action after being inspired by a post/advert 

with billions of stories watched and posts liked every day, so why not take advantage of this channel with our help as your Instagram Advertising Agency. whether you have a small or medium-sized business, Instagram ads can be proven very beneficial to increase revenue and build relationships with your customers.

How can we help?

No matter what types of ad you want to run Republic Marketing is here to assist you to reach your goals. During the optimisation phase, we make sure your campaigns are well designed and the expected results. As a top Instagram Advertising Agency in Birmingham, we understand the capabilities and potential of each digital marketing platform, especially for e-commerce businesses. Unlike some of our peers, we get involved to understand your business and provide you with extensive support similar to an in-house marketing team but more affordable.
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