Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are usually run through Facebook Business Suite,  being therefore a sub-category of Facebook ads in that regard. However, due to the difference between Instagram’s user base and that of Facebook, Instagram ads require a slightly different strategy compared to Facebook Ads.

Our approach

Leveraging Organic & paid

Bespoke Approach

Creative copy and design

Why Instagram ads

Instagram has more than one billion active users, being one of the most popular social platforms that offers native advert opportunities. You may think Instagram is only relevant for B2C products but you’d be surprised to find out that many B2B businesses also use Instagram with great results. With Instagram, you can create eye-catching visual ads that “stop the scroll” and which can introduce users to your service. With IG ads you can achieve objectives such as sending traffic to your website, remarketing to your core audience, or boosting your brand awareness through videos and reel ads.

Beautiful creative
is key

On Instagram you can create story ads, post ads, carousel ads, and more recently reel ads. You can also use Instagram ads to create a synergy between your organic content reach and paid efforts. We have seen great results when businesses start thinking holistically.

Bespoke approach

A cookie-cutter approach isn’t something we’re planning on offering our clients. Every business is unique which means that we can’t systemise the majority of tasks and expect great results. A bespoke approach, although more expensive, is by far more sustainable than just a quick fix. We study your competition, review your results against industry benchmarks and use a combination of our own intuition, data and AI to get you the best results possible.

What Will You Get?

Audience Research

Pixel Set up

Ad Creative and Copy


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