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Transform Your Business With Cost-effective PPC Campaigns

Unleash your business’s potential with expertly managed PPC packages, maximising ROI through cost-effective strategies that are customised to put your brand in front of in-market customers and boost revenue.

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We achieve high ROI through data-driven and meticulously crafted campaigns that not only elevate visibility but also surge the inflow of high-quality outbound leads and revenue.

Data-Driven PPC Account Management

Leveraging cutting-edge data analytics, our PPC account management zeroes in on the pulse of your target audience. We meticulously analyse data to sculpt strategies that resonate with your audience, ensuring a laser-focused approach that delivers tangible results.


Our Award-Winning PPC Packages

Our expertly crafted PPC packages are meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of your business, whether you require bespoke solutions or off-the-shelf options. We kickstart the process with a comprehensive account audit, followed by advanced keyword research, persuasive ad copywriting. All packages include in-depth monthly reporting, Quality Score optimisation and AI-enhanced campaigns.


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Perfect for startups and companies who want to test PPC as a channel



Ideal for businesses seeking grow through PPC campaigns



Designed for firms serious about scaling their business


Account Audit

We thoroughly examine your PPC account (with our 200-point audit), analysing every aspect to ensure that you are utilising all available features and adhering to industry best practices. This customised audit is intended to ensure the best possible performance for your account.

Advanced Keyword Research

Say goodbye to guesswork – Every product or service has a multitude of keywords linked to it. However, testing all of them is simply impractical for most businesses. That’s why we don’t rely on automated solutions. Our experts conduct extensive research to pinpoint the best keywords with the strongest intent.

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AI-Enhanced Campaigns

Step into the future with AI-enhanced campaigns. Our PPC packages utilise Artificial Intelligence to fine-tune campaign strategies, ensuring that your ads are not just effective but also efficient and futuristic.

Optimised For ROAS

Every penny counts, and we make it count for you. Our campaigns are rigorously optimised for Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We ensure that every pound/dollar you spend works harder, bringing in more revenue and achieving your business objectives.

Stand Out with Ad Copywriting

Step into the future with AI-enhanced campaigns. Our PPC packages utilise Artificial Intelligence to fine-tune campaign strategies, ensuring that your ads are not just effective but also efficient and futuristic.

Monthly Reporting

Stay in the loop with our detailed monthly reports. We believe in transparency and empower you with insights on how your campaigns are performing, the achievements, and the areas that need improvement or a different approach.

Quality Score Optimisation

Quality Score is key to PPC success. A high CTR and quality landing pages lead to a lower CPC and cost per conversion. We make sure everything is fine-tuned so you get the best bang for your buck.

Bespoke Cookies

We like to think of ourselves as innovators so we offer our clients custom first-party cookies that take tracking and performance to the next level. Gain unparalleled insights and fine-tune your campaigns with a precision that only bespoke tracking cookies can offer.

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Our Optimisation Methodology

Unleashing the power of precision and innovation, our award-winning optimisation methodology is based on years of industry experience. Here’s a sneak peek into how we ensure your PPC campaigns are not just good but legendary:

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Republic Marketing Reviews

5.0 ★★★★★

“We were satisfied with their work and appreciated their honesty”

Brand Manager, Manufacturing Firm

5.0 ★★★★★

“The team was highly organized and efficient in their project management.”

Finance Manager, Financial Services Firm

5.0 ★★★★★

“They were also well-researched and knew what they were talking about.”

Founder & CEO, Eyewear Brand

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Frequently Asked Questions

Costs can vary depending on various factors, including the industry, keywords, and competition. We recommend setting aside a budget of at least £1K-£1.5K/month for starters and increasing it to £2-3K in the medium term. We have experience with both large & small ad accounts.

We offer personalised packages to fit your business needs. Let’s schedule a call to discuss your project requirements.

Your account will be managed by experienced professionals who are fully certified in PPC ads with years of industry experience.

We cover a wide array of channels, including Google Ads, Bing, LinkedIn, and Meta Ads.

While PPC ads don’t directly impact SEO rankings, the traffic and visibility they bring can positively influence your SEO efforts through branded search.

Our onboarding process involves understanding your business goals, auditing your current PPC account, and creating a customised strategy to achieve your objectives.

At the moment, we are not accepting new e-commerce clients. Our focus is on B2C & B2C lead generation campaigns