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Our PPC Services

Google Search Ads

Drive traffic and revenue with Google search campaigns. Capture and convert the most intent-driven traffic.

YouTube Ads

Run powerful remarketing ads to bring your existing traffic back to a high-converting landing page we’ll design for you and enjoy a high ROAS.

Google Shopping Ads

Drive sales and improve customer retention for your e-commerce store. Get clarity on what’s working with our Attribution tool.

LinkedIn Ads

Run highly targeted ads for your B2B company leveraging the power of our 3rd party Data tool for greater precision that goes beyond firmographics.

Meta Ads

Generate brand awareness, grow your following and drive conversion with our demand capture Meta ads campaigns.

TikTok Ads

To reach a whole new generation of customers, we’ll use an innovative approach that will yield great results for both B2C & B2B companies!

Utilise the power of AI & data analysis to achieve exceptional results

By leveraging AI and in-depth data analytics, our campaigns are fine-tuned to perfection. Our approach ensures that every strategy is data-driven, purposeful, and effectively geared towards achieving tangible results.

Fuel your business growth with demand capture & generation campaigns

Demand Capture

Using channels such as search ads, we targets individuals who are actively in-market to make a purchase.​

Demand Generation

With platforms like YouTube and Paid Social, we educate and guide those not actively shopping, leading them towards a purchase.

ROI-driven PPC Campaigns

PPC Audit

Our customised +200 point audit is designed to help your ad account utilise all available features and implement industry-specific best practices.

PPC Campaign Management

More than just getting clicks, it’s about securing quality leads that drive revenue. We work side by side with you to refine and optimise, ensuring every pound spent pushes your business forward, not just adds to the expense column.

PPC Competitor Analysis
Google ads tracking codes

Outsmart the competition

Custom Tracking Cookies

Imagine having the ability to track down the exact keyword or campaign that brought in a valuable client or deal. Our personalised cookies allow us to connect those keywords and campaigns to specific accounts, providing you with the power to de-anonymise your data.

Native Goal Setup

Tired of cookie-cutter analytics that don’t truly reflect your campaign’s performance? We go an extra mile, bypassing generic Google Analytics Goal imports. Instead, we rely on Google ad goals through Tag Manager, offering a tailored setup to capture the metrics that truly matter to your business.

We stay ahead of the game

Bespoke Approach

Tailored to your needs

AI & Best Martech Tools

Using the latest tools & technology

Experienced Staff

No interns or apprentices

Growth is our only KPI

If you grow, we grow too!

Got any questions so far?

Let’s have a 10 min chat so we can go through them!

Gain a competitive edge

More than just a PPC agency...

Reclaim 2-3 hours every week by using our PPC automation scripts that eliminate tedious tasks!

It’s not just about looks. We craft landing pages that captivate and convert. Every design choice is rooted in data, ensuring each page isn’t just pleasing to the eye but is also a magnet for conversions.


Reengage with your existing website audience effectively. Using refined strategies, we achieve ultra-low CPC and maximise your ROI. Transform bounced visitors into loyal clients!


Streamline operations, nurture leads, and foster customer relations seamlessly, with tools that enhance every interaction.

Elevate your PPC game with Republic Marketing

Our PPC agency is based in Birmingham, but we have worked with companies throughout the UK and US, ranging from B2B software agencies to local B2C firms. We have extensive experience managing difficult ad accounts and will apply that expertise to your campaigns.

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Our Reviews

Republic Marketing Reviews

5.0 ★★★★★

“Our partnership really paid off, we grew our client base and doubled our revenue in just 2 years!”

Kaine Shutler
Founding Director @Plume

5.0 ★★★★★

“Sajad and the team at Republic Marketing have produced amazing results for us in a very short space of time! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

CEO & Co-Founder @Offerland

5.0 ★★★★★

“They exceeded our ROAS targets. A committed team dedicated to growth and results.”

Adi Kas
Founder & CEO @Josh Fano

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC ads help you get in front of ideal clients faster and with greater control than any other marketing channel. If you’re looking to boost your revenue, PPC advertising is a great starting point!

We could help fill in a capacity gap within your in-house agency or take the weight of constant optimisations off your shoulders. Working with Republic Marketing as your PPC agency will ensure you’re using the best and latest methods to generate new leads while you’re  focusing on servicing your clients.

If we both agree that we are a good fit, we will set up a more in-depth meeting to discuss other details. You will also receive a proposal shortly after that meeting.

The Account Management cost starts from £600 per month, and we’d recommend allocating £700-£1000/month ad budget at the very least. Most accounts we manage spend over £5000/month.

Once you book a call with us, we’ll go through your project, and if we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll review your ad account and discuss the findings during a second call called a ‘Scoping Call’. If you only require an audit, we currently offer a comprehensive PPC audit starting from £250.

ROI ranges anywhere from 3:1 to 14:1. However, every industry and client is unique. There is a lot that needs to happen to turn conversions into paying clients or happy customers. Everything from your product/service review to site design, speed and sales process will affect the revenue outcome. Our main focus will be driving conversions for your campaigns. As your marketing partner, we’ll work together to improve every aspect of your marketing should you choose to opt-in for it.

Among PPC platforms, Google Ads search & shopping ads are best for generating extra revenue fast. Investing in SEO and getting a positive ROI from it takes more time and is dependent on a number of factors such as your current domain authority and niche ranking difficulty.

Yes! we are an official Google ads partner agency.