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As the country slowly starts to emerge from the lockdown, we face the question of where we should invest the marketing budget in? It's a great question, but before jumping to an answer let's review some of the things that we've learned throughout the lockdown. 

Many traditional mediums are now ineffective. Banners and outdoor ads have been mostly running government Covid-19 warnings and advice instead of the usual ads we were normally used to seeing. Let's face it, they are expensive, and unlike digital marketing, it can be difficult to measure their results and impact. 
Consumer behavior has shifted too, as the share of e-commerce sales has increased dramatically throughout the lockdown around the western world. Just have a look at Amazon's sales record during the sharpest economic recession we have ever seen. Although some countries are now easing the lockdown, many countries who were first hit are now recording an increased number of cases. The situation is fragile and thus instead of thinking about when things will go back to normal, let's start getting used to the new norm. Many of these changes were already happening and Coronavirus just accelerated them. It's good to remember that the shift in consumer behavior could be long-lasting, regardless of how it was made.  

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So What's The Answer? 

We believe Digital Marketing should be an absolutely vital part of any firm's strategy, whether it's B2B or B2C. A well-designed online strategy with a well-defined audience can bring many of the lost clients or customers to your business. A multi-channel campaign can indeed have more impact but when the resources are scarcest, it's best to invest in what's essential first.
So if you are reading this blog and thinking to yourself: 'well we do some stuff and that'll do it', think again. We're talking about Post lockdown digital marketing strategy. With a good strategy, you'll see where your money is invested and every element of the plan is there to facilitate the final goal. By the way if you're looking for social media strategies for small business, check out that hyperlinked article

Digital Marketing Post Lockdown

Who Is Your Audience?

Knowing who will be interested in visiting your website is the first step. It's also crucial to have an insight into how and when they arrive beside the amount of time they spend on your website. Answers to those questions could reveal the effectiveness of your current Digital marketing approach. Without such data, you will not get the full picture of your business success and necessary areas of improvement. Some important data that we usually track is Conversion rate, Visitor on-page behavior, and its origin.
Defining the target audience and strategic planning are among the first things that need to be done for your firm when you work with a digital marketing agency. This process requires constant attention, time, and improvement if it is to be done correctly, something we'd love to do for our clients. We offer a free consultation session to all potential customers, so why not taking advantage of that?
Digital Marketing allows a great deal of control over where, when, and to whom your brand will be shown, so it can help in getting the right type of customers. We typically measure awareness, engagement, and conversion rates to come up with better ideas for future campaigns.

At Republic Marketing, we would love to assist in your journey to build a more resilient business in a post-lockdown world. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help create or improve your marketing strategy. 

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