Conversion source tracking for a market intelligence provider

The Client

Accurate data analysis is crucial for marketing success. Our client, a leading B2B Market Intelligence Provider, aimed to de-anonymise website visitors, extract firmographic data, and link CRM deals with PPC data to identify the most profitable keywords, campaigns, and landing pages.


B2B – Market Inteligence Provider


Google Ads insight

The Challenge

No one knows whos's who until...

Until a user takes action, it’s impossible to know their identity, employer, or the pages they’ve visited. However, this changed when we assisted our client in overcoming this challenge.

Google ads Source Tracking

There’s no two ways about it: in B2B use cases, Google Ads can reveal which keywords have converted but fail to provide deeper insight into connecting your deals with campaigns and keywords. Without this information, it’s challenging to truly understand which campaigns and landing pages are outperforming the others.

Enriching missing data

Companies often struggle with deciding how much information to request from their prospects. As a rule of thumb, the more questions a form contains, the lower the conversion rate you can expect. However, for our client, we wanted to have our cake and eat it too! So, we decided to reduce the number of form fields and supplement the missing information with calls to our database API.

Our Solution

Company visitor report

We installed a company tracking script that identifies specific user details, such as IP addresses, to determine which company they work for. This method works quite accurately without requiring users to fill in any forms!

The great part is that you can gather a wealth of information by reviewing the report. This includes everything from their industry to the page path, time of visit, and even their purchase intent.

Connecting deals with Keywords

Many CRMs fall short when it comes to tracking the origin of leads accurately. To bridge this gap, we implement a first-touchpoint cookie that records critical data such as the user’s source, medium, keyword, and a wide array of other information. This data is then seamlessly integrated into your CRM, enabling you to generate reports on a variety of Google Ads metrics directly within your CRM system.

This approach transforms ad optimisation, allowing you to make decisions based on closed deals rather than just prospects and superficial metrics.

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