How We Helped a Local Dentist Score a 224% Reach Increase in Just 30 Days

Key Stats

The Client

The client is an award-winning dental practice that specialises in high-end dental treatments, including cosmetic procedures, braces, and general dentistry. They were seeking to expand their social media presence, enhance their creative assets, and explore influencer marketing campaigns in order to increase brand awareness.

The Challenge

The practice needed a cost-effective solution to achieve their social media marketing goals, as their Instagram account was struggling with low engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, time constraints made it challenging to plan for the long term.

The Solution

Our first objective was to develop a comprehensive social media strategy. We conducted a series of interviews with the stakeholders to identify various goals and objectives, and then implemented a plan of action.

  • Developing Engaging Content: To improve conversions and engagement rates, we focused on developing engaging content that sparked conversations and leveraged Instagram features to maximise reach. We also provided tips on how to shoot photos professionally, and used Adobe Lightroom to enhance images and visual effects.
  • Incorporating Reels: As Instagram’s fastest-growing feature, we incorporated Reels into the practice’s marketing strategy, which improved engagement and educated the audience.
  • Research and Trend Analysis: Our dedicated research, strategy, and implementation team also conducted research and trend analysis to identify new trends and create content around them, keeping the practice relevant and up-to-date.

The Results

Within just one month of implementing our new strategies, we saw remarkable results, including a 224% increase in reachability, a 70% surge in engagement rate, and a 3% increase in the number of followers.

Rather than just focusing on growing the number of followers, we emphasised the importance of engagement, as a small but active community was more likely to lead to long-term success.

Between January and March 2022:

  • The engagement rate increased by 55% and the number of followers by 15%.
  • The practice observed a 15% surge in leads coming through social media, with new clients citing images and videos seen on their social media as a deciding factor in choosing the practice.
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