Engaging Facebook Ads Campaign Led to 70% More Website Visitors

Key Stats


Financial Service – Consumer Credit


The Client

Our client is a financial retailer with over 20 years of experience in the West Midlands. They had shifted most of their operations online and utilised Facebook as a primary channel for advertising opportunities. Our marketing strategy for this project was specifically designed to target their Ideal Client Profile (ICP), with a focus on maximising ROI and increasing the number of qualified leads (MQ).

The Project

To optimise their ROI, we carefully selected the best ad placements based on their target audience’s demographic and segmentation data, with a primary focus on Facebook. In collaboration with a London-based animation studio, we launched three campaigns:

  • A Brand Awareness Campaign to educate their target audience about finances and budgeting.
  • A Conversion-focused Campaign to drive action.
  • A Remarketing Campaign aimed at retargeting both organic and paid users who had previously visited the website but left without taking any action.

The Results

The results surpassed our expectations, with a cost per lead 3X lower than anticipated and a 70% YoY increase in website visitors. The conversion rate and average number of pages visited per session also significantly increased. The educational campaign was particularly successful in driving more engaged visitors to the website. If you’re looking to achieve better results for your paid social campaigns, make sure to check out our Packages.

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Facebook Ad Campaign Case Study
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