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Facebook Ads can be a handy and affordable tool in all stages of a Digital Marketing campaign. From brand awareness to lead generation and nurturing audiences, Facebook remains an excellent and cost-effective tool for specific demographics.

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Is Facebook The Right Channel?

Facebook Ads refer to a wide range of ad placements created through Facebook Ads Manager. Although not everyone may be on Facebook these days, specific demographics are still active on the app. In addition, if your competitors aren’t running ads on FB, you will get unparalleled and uninterrupted access to a channel that could result in a cheaper CPA (cost per action) than Google!

Building Your Audience

The success of a Facebook Ads campaign depends on identifying and optimising various audience types for your business. Each audience serves a specific purpose. For example, homepage visitors who haven’t yet taken any action or converted are an excellent source for remarketing. You can reach out to those visitors with a compelling and creative offer to entice them to act, like downloading an eBook or signing up for your webinar. We will be helping you come up with all relevant audiences, including existing customers, and lookalike audience types.

Ongoing Optimisation

Once we identify your audience, it’s time to create a campaign funnel strategy. In most cases we use Marketing Automation to create an automated ad funnel that is 60% optimised from the get-go. The remaining 40% will be achieved by investing time in reviewing data and conducting A/B tests of the creative with the audience. Through the power of seamless automation, we can achieve results that used to take so much time, while still remaining relevant to your target audience.

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