Social Media Content Creation for a Garden Design Firm in London

Our Client

Our Client is a multi-award winning garden design & landscape architecture studio based in London, specialised in creating high-quality contemporary garden design and landscapes.


Design & Architecture


Social Media Management
Content Creation
Community Management
Paid Ads

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Followers Count in
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What We Did

Instagram story design

In our approach to Stories, we focused on capturing the essence of our client’s designs through vibrant and engaging visuals. We used a mix of high-quality images, concise text, and brand elements to create a series of stories that not only showcased her design expertise but also engaged the audience interactively. 

Our stories highlighted transformations, using before-and-after sequences to illustrate the impact of our client’s work as well as interactive features like swipe-up links to direct the audience to her featured projects.

content creation & feed Curation

Our strategy for content creation and feed curation centered around establishing a visually appealing and informative Instagram presence. We carefully selected images and videos that aligned with her brand’s aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive look across the feed. 

The content was a balanced mix of inspirational designs, educational tips, and insights into the creative process. Consistency in our posting schedule was key, helping us to maintain a regular presence and build a loyal community.

The Results

  • Increased audience engagement with interactive, visually appealing Instagram stories.
  • Followers count doubled within the first 3 months.
  • Developed a consistent Instagram feed that aligned with our client’s brand’s identity, fostering a stronger community connection.
  • Achieved a 419% increase in the number of accounts reached.
  • Achieved a 677% increase in the number of accounts engaged.
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