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Google Ads Case Study

Key Stats

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The Client

Our client is a law firm that sought the expertise of our PPC specialist to optimise their Google Ads campaigns and explore new opportunities for growth.

The Challenge

As the popularity of Google Ads continues to rise, local companies are increasingly challenged to compete with larger firms seeking to expand their audience reach. This competition often results in higher costs per click (CPC) and costs per result (CPA) for smaller firms. Consequently, success in this context demands careful planning and efficient resource utilisation.

The Solution

To assist the client, we rapidly identified quick-win opportunities and resolved issues related to settings, negative keywords, and ads. We also proposed a theme-based campaign structure that aimed to enhance results while simultaneously reducing cost per conversion. Our team implemented a new bidding architecture and keyword mining strategy, in addition to conducting test campaigns and competitive research to gain better insight into which keywords were worth the investment.

Campaign Improvements

As a result of our efforts, the client’s ad campaigns saw significant improvements such as:

  • Enhanced keyword mining
  • Improved click-through rates (CTR) through the implementation of better ad extensions (specifically image extensions)
  • Using advanced negative keyword sculpting to precisely direct traffic to desired campaigns (a more advanced technique than simply adding negative keywords).
Google Ads Agency Birmingham
Google Ads Conversion rate optimisation
Cost Per Conversion has decreased dramatically from nearly £40 to £18.20.

The Results

Our techniques successfully led to increased conversion rates and a significant decrease in cost per conversion, ultimately resulting in a lower cost per click (CPC) and higher click-through rate (CTR). Despite lower conversion rates during the seasonal months of February and March, our team delivered impressive outcomes that were highly appreciated by the client. As we continue to advance our approach, future enhancements are planned to elevate the results to the next level, ensuring continued success for our client’s PPC campaigns.

Law Firm Google ads Case Study
Our campaign delivered outstanding results, with the number of conversions almost doubling in February 2022 when compared to December 2021.
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