Achieving 2X revenue for a
Learning Tech Agency

The Client

Plume, a leading Learning Management System (LMS) development agency operates in a competitive, niche market, catering to clients in the US and UK. With a focus on bespoke solutions, Plume’s large deal size makes it crucial to target and secure the most valuable leads. 


B2B – Learning Tech Agency


Google Ads
Growth Marketing
Tracking & CRO 

A brief summary of what we
achieved for our client


Return On Ad Spend


Revenue Growth
Over Two Years


Increase in Relevant
Search Visibility

The Challenge

underperforming Campaigns

Plume’s ad campaigns were not delivering the expected number of appointments, indicating a misalignment with target audiences and a need for better campaign structure and targeting.

Securing Enterprise Clients

The shift from small and medium-sized businesses to enterprise clients demanded a different marketing approach, one that aligned with the expectations and requirements of a more sophisticated clientele.

Stagnant SEO Strategy

SEO efforts were minimal, leading to poor search visibility and only a handful of keywords ranking on the first page.

What We Did

top to bottom restoration

Republic Marketing overhauled the Google Ads, leading to immediate improvements in booked calls and deal closures.

Demand based SEO strategy

The focus shifted to niche topics with high demand potential, leveraging Plume’s existing domain authority. This proactive approach capitalized on Google’s core updates and E.E.A.T principles, significantly boosting Plume’s keyword rankings.

Enhanced Tracking

Custom tag manager solutions and the use of automation tools streamlined marketing operations, reducing manual tasks and nurturing leads more effectively.

The Results

  • Revenue grew by 100% YOY.
  • Increased number of page one term ranking from just 7 to over 40.
  • Achieved 50% lower CPA with targeted remarketing campaigns.
  • Improved lead quality while filtering out unfit calls to improve effciency.
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