Reaching 500K Impressions for a Personal Care Brand Through Organic Content

Key Stats

The Client

The client specialises in selling bee-derived cosmetics and wanted to improve their social media presence and engagement.

The Challenge

The brand had a social media presence but struggled with consistency in engagement and brand exposure across channels. As a result, they sought a consultant to create engaging posts and drive ROI.

The Solution

Our consultant identified the best-performing content, introduced new formats like reels and motion graphics, and implemented a consistent content strategy to create a dialogue with users and enhance profile value.

During events, we used live streaming content to drive engagement and interest.

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The Results

In less than two months, our solution delivered impressive results, with a 42.9% increase in impressions, a 146% increase in overall engagement, a 526% surge in link clicks, and a 30% increase in net audience growth. 

Our strategy also resulted in a 47% increase in messages received, indicating a more engaged audience. In addition, the number of impressions reached over HALF A MILLION during the reporting period.

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