Growth Marketing Case Study

How We Helped a Software Agency Increase Its Revenue by 43%

Key Stats


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The Client

Our client is a software agency that specialises in developing custom software solutions for businesses operating in a niche market. Given the high sales value and low lead volume associated with this sector, every click, website visit, or interaction represented a crucial opportunity. As a result, we implemented systems designed to capitalise on each and every chance to maximise our client’s ROI.

The Challenge

Our client operates in a highly competitive niche market, with indirect SaaS competitors also bidding on the same keywords. This intense competition resulted in higher-than-average cost per click (CPC), making paid campaigns more challenging to optimise. Moreover, the website’s high bounce rate and the absence of proper start-to-end tracking further exacerbated the optimisation difficulties. To address these challenges, we conducted a comprehensive audit and identified several critical issues that needed to be addressed. These included:

  • A lack of multi-layer tracking solutions
  • High CPC and very high CPA for Google Ads campaigns
  • Suboptimal website content
  • High bounce rate
  • A lack of medium to long-term strategy

Our team leveraged this audit to develop a robust action plan aimed at resolving these issues and delivering improved campaign performance.

Growth marketing for tech startups

Our Solution

To ensure that we had a thorough understanding of our client’s business landscape, we began the process with a comprehensive audit. This took approximately two weeks to complete and was conducted in multiple phases, allowing us to incorporate client feedback and refine our approach as needed. Our audit process consisted of the following key components:

  1. Google Ads: We conducted a detailed analysis of the client’s keyword selection, conversion tracking, CRM and automation scripts.
  2. SEO Audit: We performed a site technical health check and evaluated the core web vitals to identify opportunities to optimise the website’s SEO performance. Additionally, we developed a conversion-driven content strategy to increase the number of leads through inbound marketing.
  3. Business Review: We carefully examined the client’s product, market, and USPs, and conducted multi-point competitor analysis to better understand the competitive landscape.

By conducting this comprehensive audit, we were able to develop a holistic understanding of our client’s business and identify key opportunities for optimisation and growth.

Our Solution (Detailed)

After receiving approval for our analysis and plan, we prioritised implementation based on the following steps:

  1. First, we implemented native Google Ads goals and a custom Calendly HTML listener code to better track the source of each call and show the results in GA, improving campaign performance.

  2. We also installed a UTM tracking software that works based on first-touch attribution to connect paid keywords with exact contact profiles and deal values for better campaign optimisation. 

  3. Using custom-made landing pages and other bespoke Google Ads solutions, we were able to compete with larger companies and reduce costs.

  4. Additionally, we analyzed the client’s backlink profile and content to create new service pages and optimized older ones based on opportunities for the highest relevant traffic that converts. By breaking down search terms into various search intents, we were able to prioritise delivery.

  5. For technical SEO, please refer to another case study, which you can read here.

Growth Marketing Case Study
Website KPI Improvements


Our approach delivered following outcomes:

  • 43% increase in revenue (YoY)
  • 45% reduction in bounce rate, indicating a more engaged and satisfied user base
  • 12.6% increase in new users within just 90 days
  • 29% increase in average session duration, indicating more interest and engagement from the visitors
  • 114% increase in the number of conversions for one of the search campaigns, demonstrating the successful implementation of our approach.
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