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As an agency specialised in various marketing strategies, we develop plans to help your business grow quicker by giving you the vital insights and a marketing plan. This type of service is aimed at Directors or Marketing Managers, who are driven to take their business to the next level. Furthermore, it could also be a great complement to other services that we offer. 

How We Do It

Internal Audit

An internal audit typically consists of analysing your current position. We review the key marketing indicators and paint a full picture of your company, which is essentially what did or didn't work for your company. In collaboration with your team, we then focus on setting some goals to help us guide our efforts.

Through the internal audit, we understand which elements from your company are stopping you from unlocking your potential or causing the issues you are currently facing. 

External Research

After analysing and reviewing your company's current marketing strategy, our Digital Strategist will conduct a comprehensive external research on your competitors and the opportunities you can  exploit to keep your competitive advantage.

We then audit the external factors that will affect your business and marketing strategy: brand perception, competitors, target customers, and the current data and trends surrounding your industry. This step is crucial in painting a picture of your marketplace and helping our team to spot the best route to growth.

Strategy Generation

The final step consists of creating your marketing mix strategy report, which will focus on how we can work together towards achieving your goals and aspirations. This report will have a detailed plan on your expenditure budget, channels, and campaign message that can be used. We may also include long-term predictions that can help you keep your competitive advantage.

Marketing Strategy Services

Digital Marketing Mix

We are experts when it comes to helping you plan your annual marketing budget. By adopting a data-driven approach, we will provide you with a very cost -effective marketing mix strategy, designed to achieve your goals.

Digital Promotions &
Traditional Mediums

By working with multiple media companies such as Global and Clear Channel, we’ll draft a media buying schedule using appropriate online and traditional channels that add value to your business.

Communication Strategy

Whatever your plan is, you need the right message designed for your target audience. We’ll listen to you and your valuable experience with your customers, before creating your unique campaign.

Digital Strategist

Case Study

The problem with the company exemplified was that it was consistently behind monthly lead targets and that the speed of losing customers was accelerating with every passing month. Our Marketing Strategy Agency tackled these issues by running a multichannel marketing campaign, both online and offline, comprising of SEO, PPC and digital channels as well as traditional mediums such as Radio, PR and Outdoor Ads.

1 %

Increase in Number of Leads

1 :1

ROI in Marketing Budget

£ 1 K

Marketing Budget Managed

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